DevOps Engineer

About us  


At Metricalo, we believe in a world where businesses thrive through innovation and collaboration. We are a forward-thinking organization, committed to providing cutting-edge software solutions for our clients. 

We have a profitable product, and we are ready to scale! We live our vision, in our tech, but also in our culture. Our tech is the backbone of the company. We facilitate high traffic, high load applications in e-commerce & we utilize various in-house fintech solutions.  



Job Description 


 As a DevOps engineer, you would be responsible for designing and implementing systems and processes for continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. 

You should have a strong background in software development and a deep understanding of software engineering principles, in addition to experience with a wide range of technologies and tools related to DevOps. 




  • Development and maintenance of cloud infrastructure  
  • Developing and maintaining detailed and accurate scripts  
  • Reviewing and deploying updates and fixes   
  • Providing expert technical advice and assistance as and when required   
  • Analyzing and rectifying any issues and errors via root cause analysis  
  • Addressing customer queries and complaints   
  • Performing software integrations  
  • Keeping up to date with the latest developments and technologies   
  • Coordinating with Product Owner to ensure timely execution and completion of various DevOps tasks   
  • Testing and improving the release processes  
  • Evaluating and fixing code bugs, if encountered  




  • Proven work experience as a DevOps Engineer
  • Experience with AWS (EC2, ALB, NLB, ECS Fargate) and GitLab CI/CD
  • Deep understanding of Docker
  • Ability to write and maintain Cloud Formation scripts
  • Architect, or a similar role in the IT and Development industry
  • Understanding of programming languages such as PHP and its framework Laravel (nice to know: Laravel Envoy)
  • Professional experience in Linux systems administration in a production environment
  • Good time management and organizational skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent researching skills
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively
  • Ability to handle pressure and manage strict deadlines
  • Having an eye for detail




  • A competitive compensation package.  
  • An option of working remote as a contractor, with the possibility of moving to full time employment in Belgrade or Dubai, which would include additional benefits such as: (Private health insurance, Annual repatriation allowance & EOS benefits)  
  • Opportunity for professional growth and development.  
  • Collaborative work environment and supportive team culture.  
  • Freedom you will not experience anywhere else. 


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