Metricalo. One ecommerce platform. Many business tools.

Metricalo is an all-in-one platform that allows you to effectively manage every aspect of your online business.

A great ecommerce platform for everyone who does business online.

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The very best people in business try new approaches with marketing, sales, and analytics tools.

Competition is heating up. Ecommerce giants are growing bigger. Marketing is getting ever more expensive, rendering many online businesses ever less profitable.
At the same time, most online shops look very much alike. The content of ecommerce and business sites is often limited by search optimization purposes. Also, the traffic flow on many websites is non-directional, meaning many visitors leave online shops without buying anything.

Using sales and marketing funnels seems like a new approach. Funnels offer greater specificity in terms of business goals and target audiences. But funnel builders shouldn’t replace ecommerce websites in many cases.

Drive your sales!

Metricalo was created by ecommerce experts, who built all the must-have online business tools into the platform’s core features. With Metricalo, the funnels elevate a business and work as a powerful part of a strategy.

The most successful people in
business always have full control
over their business.

Business success comes from controlling each part of your business. These parts include customers, products, marketing, selling, advertising, finances, accounting, etc. But it’s difficult to focus equally on each part of your business if you are using multiple platforms, services, and teams. And what’s worse is needing to contact a separate support team for each of those services. So, you have multiple potential points of failure

Minimize the points of failure!

Metricalo is the all-in-one ecommerce platform, which means all the tools are better integrated, and you can control all parts of your online business in a few clicks. And if something goes wrong, you only need to contact one support team.

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Now all businesses can use this all-in-one platform that will save them money.

It doesn’t matter if you run an enterprise ecommerce business or sell online courses. Your online business requires various ecommerce and business solutions. So, you have to pay for the tools of separate software platforms, services, and coders that need to integrate all these individual solutions. Then you may also need to pay for custom solutions, extensions, add-ons and plugins, and specific tracking code implementation, all of which can be very costly for any business.

Conduct your business in a cost-effective way!

Metricalo reduces the cost of doing business online. All the must-have online business tools and features are built into the platform and are available to you for a reasonable price. Metricalo also saves you time because everything is already integrated, and you can start your online business at short notice.


Metricalo is the Swiss Army knife of e-commerce.

Advanced features. Easy to use. Full control. Integrations.

Online business tools

Landing page builder
Landing page A/B split testing
Funnel builder
Reporting and analytics
Order management system
Advanced fraud mitigation
Click/customer/ order scoring
Velocity checking
Inventory management
Webhooks and postbacks
Mailer integrations - transactional emails
Reach out to visitors who leave a site without buying anything to offer them a targeted incentive.

Service integrations

Affiliate platform integrations.
Multiple payment gateway integrations.
Customer service platform integrations.
Third-party fraud mitigation integrations.
Accounting platform integrations.
Business service integrations.
Facebook/AdWords integrations.
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About us

We are a collective group of web innovators with a passion for ecommerce and everything that comes with it.

Between us, we have decades of experience in ecommerce, marketing, payments, and content development.

We believe that business success comes from having control of each part of your business. That is why we created Metricalo. It’s the all-in-one ecommerce platform for merchants, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

Metricalo allows you to create, measure and control all processes and aspects of your online business in a cost-effective way.

The Metricalo platform is perfect for non-tech savvy people, allowing you to operate your ecommerce business with a simple drag-and-drop interface without any code. Use Metricalo to control, measure, and run a successful online business.


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